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Arcane Coffee - Geek House Coffee
Arcane Coffee - Geek House Coffee
Arcane Coffee - Geek House Coffee
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Arcane Coffee

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Our most popular coffee - Arcane Coffee is a delightful single origin medium coffee with notes of sweet apple, raisin & honey, this magic coffee is something to behold (and taste)! 

All Coffee from Geek House Coffee is roasted in small batches, ground and packaged to order.

Please read the Arcane Coffee's backstory below to learn about how the Mages grow, cultivate and share this magical brew throughout the realm.  

Arcane Coffee's Backstory

The Arcanis Arabicaus tree is truly otherworldly as they are conjured by only the most skilled Mages from other planes of existence and are not found in the natural world. These trees take 100 years to fruit but only have a life cycle after that of about 5 – 10 years. By comparison, a natural growing coffee tree usually matures and fruits after 3 – 4 years and will have a life cycle of about 25 years. You and I both know Wizards are inherently lazy and use their magic to automate and simplify remedial tasks. It’s kind of ridiculous if you ask me, but Mages in the field of botany have actually trained these trees to roast the beans while still on the tree! But hey, to each their own I suppose.

The extreme altitude of the floating towers where they grow combined with the ancient Wizard’s acutely refined palates give the Arcane Coffee it’s unique flavor. The coffee is a smooth medium-light bodied brew with hints of sweet apple, raisin and honey. While Wizards traditionally drink tea, that is not due to preference in taste, but availability. Even with the gift of magic, Arcane Coffee is still very rare throughout the realm. Wizards, unlike Dwarves are not protective of their special coffee, rather they share it among their friends and allies freely as a treat.

Mages of all disciplines have been enjoying this special drink for thousands of years while pouring over ancient texts, spells and scrolls. The most hardened and experienced drinker drinks Arcane Coffee with pure liquid mana rather than milk or cream.

Not Sure Which Coffee is Right for You?

I understand you might not know which coffee is right for you, but I don't want you to feel lost. Please do not hesitate to message me on Facebook or email me at with any questions, comments, or to share fun campaign story!

I'm here for you, and thank you for supporting small businesses, especially during these times!

 ~ Vinny

Coffee Stats
  • Medium Roast
  • Single Origin
  • 100% Costa Rica Beans
  • Sweet Apple, Raisin & Honey
  • SHB Classification of Beans
  • EP Sorting
DM Notes

An extremely high quality bean is grown at over 1,200 meters (4,000 ft) above sea level in the mountains of Costa Rica. These amazing beans are hand picked and sorted. 

Strictly Hard Bean (SHB): a quality and altitude spec from Costa Rica and Guatemala, meaning that the coffee has been grown above 1,200 meters above sea level (MASL), generally a denser and higher-quality bean than the HB (Hard Bean) classification.

European Preparation (EP): which indicates the coffee has undergone rigorous sorting - usually by hand, though increasingly via optical sorters.


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